An Ode To The Funniest Signs We've Seen At Airports

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An Ode To The Funniest Signs We've Seen At Airports

Oh airports, how funny you are. Though a trip to the airport isn't always a breeze these days, sometimes you do silly things that defy our expectations and make us chuckle.

Like you, Aalborg Airport in Denmark. You posted that hilarious sign asking people to limit their goodbye kisses to three minutes.

Or you, Los Angeles International. This past April, one of your contractors accidentally posted “Emergency Leave the Terminal” all over the flight status boards. That was funny… and momentarily terrifying.

We've got to call you out, San Diego International Airport. Dogs need to pee, but do they need a fake fire hydrant to do it on? You’re buying into stereotypes.

And then there's you, Unidentified Airport That Is Probably Somewhere In Southeast Asia. You posted the standard “no pets” sign, but you also outlawed everyone’s favorite local fruit, the durian.

Oh, Jet Blue in New York. Couldn't you have come up with a better name for this?

Orlando International, what does this sign mean? And how, oh how, does your bag check man’s arm suddenly grow to such lengths after he finds that pointy leaf?